• James O'Connell

Best Way to Prep for Christmas

Christmas is the celebration of God coming to us. It amazes us that God gave up the splendor of Heaven and became flesh. Earth groaned and searched for this moment for thousands of years. We never

Can we imagine the glory and splendor of Heaven? Can we picture all of the wonder that God lives in? Now imagine giving all of that up to come to earth. Imagine being all powerful in one moment and a newborn the next, with all the needs and insecurities that come with our frail humanity. How can we begin to comprehend the transition that Jesus made?

While we can never fully understand what Jesus went through, we can begin by reflecting on God’s purpose for coming and His motivation. His mission was to save us because He loves us. The best way to prepare for Christmas is to recognize God’s mission. Let’s reflect on our need for God to save us. Where would we be if Christmas never came? Where would we be if Jesus never came?

We can finish our preparation in gratitude, resting in Jesus’ motivation, His love. Here again, is it possible for us to really know how much love God has for us?

On Christmas Eve, let’s reflect on these ideas: God’s mission to save us and His great love that moved Him to give up the splendor of Heaven. Participate in expectation of Christmas by resting in gratitude over the origin of this sacred holiday.

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