• James O'Connell

Wrestling With Potential 3

In our last blog we looked at our connection with God. It's our intimacy with God that drives our potential. Our first question is “Am I abiding with Jesus?” and our next question “God what are you calling me to.”

As a pastor, I often have people asking me what they should be doing or even worse, waiting to be asked to do something. In the economy of the Kingdom, it’s the right of every citizen to ask the King directly, “What do you want me to do?” My role as a pastor is more connected with making space for people to do what they have been called to. There is a lot involved in that, so let me address that next week.

When we are walking in step with God, He does reveal to us what He is up to. In Romans 12 we discover that it’s God’s will that we know His will, His good, perfect, and pleasing will. In Ephesians 2 it tells us that God is busy preparing the things He wants to do. In Proverbs 25, it says that God conceals things, but it brings glory to kings to search them out. Being a king doesn’t disqualify you, it actually qualifies you. In 1 Peter 2 you are called a royal priest. What do you think the royal part is about!?

God is primarily concerned with your intimacy with Him, and in intimacy He enables us to move in our potential. He calls us to not just do things, but to figure out what we are doing. Part of our joy is in the discovery of what God is calling us to. Abdicating your privilege to your pastor or another believer to figure out what you’re doing, may cause you to do someone else’s agenda instead of your calling. And it’s incredibly stupid. (Typed with incredible love.) Honestly, if 1 Peter is right, and it is, then we receive glory as we seek our job description. Giving up the opportunity to be blessed by God is literally insane.

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