• James O'Connell

King Jesus Who?

Jesus had an epic moment the week before he was murdered. We find find Jesus rollin’ in a King’s limo, which happens to be a donkey, and He is getting the royal treatment... literally. People are lining up to lay down palm branches and their coats on the ground for the Donkey Limo to trod upon. You would have to be pretty jazzed about a new king to let his donkey walk on it. I’m sure someone got more than just donkey prints on their coat too. Of course another option is palm branch, but have you ever thought about climbing up a palm tree to get a branch? #noteasy. I digress. This is, by all accounts exactly what would be happening if a new king was setting up shop in Jerusalem.

I have always been struck by how brief this King Ride was in the minds of the people. It was only 7 days later the people are in a frenzy to kill Jesus. What is going on!? The only thing that makes sense is that they never really knew Jesus. It would be hard enough to picture this volatility happening to any person; how much more disturbing is it that Jesus becomes the object of this social schizophrenia.

So what? It’s not wrong to be eager to praise Jesus. The warning of this story is to not forget what He is done for us and more importantly who Jesus is. This is why daily, personal worship and adoration is so important and weekly corporate worship services. These means of grace (ways God helps us grow) secure us in a mindset of a worship and guard against us losing perspective. Spend time right now praising God!

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